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Our charity impact 2018/19

A year of change and growth

Our charity impact

Over the past 12 months we’ve been building our support services, developing brand new services and increasing our capacity, with new team members and trustees joining the team. All of this has enabled us to deal with a growing demand for our services, particularly around mental health and PTSD.

Our charity impact

60% of interventions were for mental health

The ambulance community have to deal with traumatic situations every day. Coupled with life’s usual stresses, this can take a real toll on their mental health.

Mental health continues to be a key topic for the ambulance community, which is why we doubled our investment in our mental health services in 2018/19 and provided 77% more mental health sessions than the previous year.

Our charity impact

62% of people who come for mental health are suffering from PTSD symptoms

Every week we see people experiencing stress PTSD as a result of their work, sometimes months or even years later after the traumatic event.

We are also seeing a growing awareness and acceptance of PTSD in the ambulance community. In 2017/18, only 30% of the people who came to us for mental health support were experiencing PTSD symptoms, in 2018/19 this had doubled to 62%.

Our charity impact

Over 476 hours of intensive residential physical rehabilitation

Working for an ambulance service can be a very physically demanding job and ambulance workers are more likely to have a medical impairment or early retirement than many other occupational groups.

Together with our partners at The Fire Fighters Charity and Police Treatment Centres, our residential treatment programme provided over 476 hours of support in 2018/19.

Over £75,000 worth of support invested in financial wellbeing services

In 2018/19 we provided more financial wellbeing interventions than ever before, with an 8% increase on the previous year. 75% of our financial interventions involved a grant for things such as living costs, mobility equipment and convalescent breaks.

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