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Many people struggle to ask for help when facing difficulties. At TASC, we’re here to help you get your life back on track.

The Ambulance Staff Charity Services
Talk With TASC phone call service for those isolated due to Coronavirus

Talk With TASC

If you’re one of the thousands of people in the UK’s ambulance community currently self-isolating you may be experiencing boredom, stress or social isolation which can all result in feelings of loneliness. With our new free Talk With TASC service, we can arrange for one of our friendly TASC volunteers to call you at a prearranged time for a friendly chat.

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Ambulance Staff Mental health services

Mental health

If you’re worried about your mental health or are struggling with a traumatic event, we can provide funding for up to six sessions of counselling with a qualified and local counsellor.

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Ambulance Staff Physical rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation

If you’re injured in the line of duty, or have a condition worsened by you work, we can provide funding for up to ten physiotherapy sessions with a local therapist or arrange a one or two-week treatment plan in a residential facility.

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Financial wellbeing support

If you’re in debt or struggling with your finances, we can arrange for you to receive debt advice over the phone. During particularly hard times, we may also be able to offer you support in the form of a financial grant.

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Ambulance Staff Bereavement services

Bereavement support

If an ambulance staff member dies while in service, we can arrange support and counselling for their close family members and colleagues. We also host the National Ambulance Memorial Service every two years.

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General wellbeing support

Using our online platform, you can access information and self-guidance on a range of welfare topics from handling anxiety and stress to stopping smoking and substance abuse.

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Got a question

Got a question?

If you have a question about our services, eligibility criteria or application process, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


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TASC launches 2019/20 Impact Report

After a year of growth and unprecedented challenges, we are proud to launch our 2019/20 Impact Report which shows how we’re making a difference to the UK’s ambulance community.

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TASC to receive grant as The Royal Foundation a...

As part of The Royal Foundation Fund, TASC has been awarded a £268,000 grant to support the wellbeing of the UK’s lifesaving ambulance community.

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TASC announces updates to their National Ambula...

Following the impacts of Coronavirus, The Ambulance Staff Charity has postpone the National Ambulance Memorial Service until 16th September 2021.

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