About The Ambulance Staff Charity

TASC was launched in April 2015 but has a much longer history and grew out of the Ambulance Services Benevolent Fund. It is a history of which we are rightly proud of. Here’s a year-by-year breakdown of our story.

The Ambulance Services Benevolent Fund (ASBF) is founded

The ASBF was originally founded by the then President of the Association of Chief Ambulance Officers, Norman Lakin. Together with Harry Wade, Gron Roberts, David Larkin and Gordon Turnbull, they decided to form a National Ambulance Services Charity to support the financial wellbeing of ambulance staff.

September 2015
TASC launches

In April 2015, TASC, The Ambulance Services Charity launches to support the mental, physical and financial wellbeing of the people in the UK’s ambulance services.

July 2016
A small name change

We changed our name from The Ambulance Services Charity to The Ambulance Staff Charity to make it clearer who we are here to help.

June 2019
Supporting volunteers

To support the entire ambulance community, we changed our charitable constitution so we can now support UK ambulance service volunteers, including patient transport drivers and community first responders (CFRs).

November 2019
A new look

TASC rebrands to a more modern look to make it clearer who we support and what we want to achieve.


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