Become a TASC corporate supporter

Everything we do is made possible through the support and generosity from organisations like yourselves. There are so many ways that you can support TASC to help us be there for the ambulance community in their time of need.

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Become a TASC corporate supporter

How your organisation can get involved

Make TASC your charity of the year

Make TASC your charity of the year

Ambulance services provide emergency response, support volunteer community first responders, provide patient transport services, and are right at the core of every community across the land. Your community social impact requirements may align with the work that we do; providing health and wellbeing initiatives supporting the wellbeing of the hardworking people that deliver ambulance services across the UK.

As a responsible business, it is important for you to support and work with organisations that deliver real impact for the communities they serve and can measure and demonstrate that impact. What is important is for you to be provided with opportunities to contribute to and get involved in delivering these impacts.

The benefits of being a TASC charity partner

We can offer you a range of benefits which include:

  • TASC UK corporate partnership recognition (logo)
  • Joint press releases to media outlets and ambulance trust comms teams
  • TASC is allocated a full page in Ambulance Today which can be used to announce the partnership
  • CSR UK ambassador recognition
  • Senior leadership engagement opportunities
  • Networking/Engagement events
  • Marketing and branding opportunities
  • Member certificate
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • CSR impact outcomes

How your funds support ambulance staff

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How corporates help the ambulance community on the road to recovery

Contact us about making TASC your charity of the year
Sponsorship opportunities with TASC

Why not become a sponsor of one of our events this year?

Is there a natural synergy between your company and one of our fundraising campaigns? Well, why not sponsor it?

At TASC we organise a few events/challenges and fundraising campaigns every year that can be sponsored or supported by third party companies or organisations. We can ensure your company features prominently on all our marketing and promotional materials and we can work with you to ensure that your products or services form an integral part of the event or campaign.

Opportunities to sponsor our events or items which provide mutual benefits in terms of exposure and positive awareness can be further discussed with TASC’s Fundraising Team.

Contact us about our sponsorship opportunities
How your employees can get involved with TASC

Get your employees involved

If you adopt TASC as your charity partner this allows your employees to get involved in a shared cause that they can support together.

Encouraging your staff to fundraise/volunteer for TASC is a great way to support us in a big way.   It boosts staff morale, team building, and promotes positivity within the organisation.

Volunteer with TASC

Share your organisation’s expertise by volunteering for TASC and donating your skills, knowledge, expertise, or services to support our work or help our team members provide better services to the ambulance community.

Volunteering for TASC will provide PR opportunities for your organisation and demonstrates your commitment to supporting the ambulance community.

Contact us about how your employees can get involved with our work
Set up a Give As You Earn Scheme for TASC

Set up a Give As You Earn scheme

A simple and effective way to regularly support a charity is to set up a Give As You Earn scheme at your organisation and encourage your employees to get involved. Learn more about setting up a Give As You Earn scheme at the links below:

Contact us about setting up a Give As You Earn scheme

The difference your support can make

The difference your support can make


Can provide 14 hours of specialist counselling for ambulance staff suffering from trauma or PTSD.

The difference your support can make


Can provide 50 physiotherapy sessions for people injured in the line of duty.

The difference your support can make


Can support a victim of domestic abuse a safe place to live.

How your support helps the ambulance community

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