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Physical rehabilitation support

An unexpected injury can have wide-reaching consequences which affect every area of your life. At TASC, we’re here to help you when things go wrong with our physical rehabilitation support services. We can help support your recovery so you can return to the job you love.

Physical rehabilitation support

Our physical rehabilitation services

If you’re injured in the line of service or have a physical condition that’s worsened by your work, we can provide funding for you to receive up to ten physiotherapy sessions with a local therapist.

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Intensive residential support

If you require more intensive support, we can also provide funding for you to attend a two-week residential treatment programme at a Police Treatment Centre in North Yorkshire or Perthshire or the Fire Fighters Charity treatment centre in Cumbria.

Putting you in control

We believe that people get much more out of their treatment when they are in control, so as part of your recovery journey, we’ll help you to choose your own registered therapist and arrange your sessions at a time that’s convenient for you.

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Who we can help

Our physical rehabilitation services are available to any ambulance staff and UK ambulance service volunteers.

“The blend of physical and psychological/emotional rehabilitation was empowering and has 100% made a difference.’’

Michael, Northampton

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