Physical rehabilitation support

Working in the ambulance service can be a very physically demanding job. If you’re injured in the line of duty, TASC may be able to provide physical rehabilitation support to help your recovery and get you back to doing the job you love.

Physical rehabilitation support

An unexpected injury can have wide-reaching consequences which can not only impact your ability to work, but affect every area of your life. If you’re a serving ambulance worker and have been injured in the line of duty, TASC may be able to apply for funding for you to attend a one-to-two-week residential treatment facility for an intense rehabilitation programme.

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While we don’t currently have our own TASC treatment facility, our friends at the Fire Fighters Charity and the Police Treatment Centres allow us to access their centres when possible. The treatment facilities are located at Harrogate, Perthshire, Devon, and Cumbria.

TASC's self care resources

Self-care resources

On our website we have lots of information and resources to offer advice, guidance, and ideas to help you manage and cope. Scroll down to our useful links below to get started.

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TASC's online wellbeing hub

Online wellbeing hub

TASC’s Online Wellbeing Hub is full of information and guidance on a range of topics, from stress and low mood to healthy eating and better sleep. If you register on the platform, you can also access online evidence-based therapy modules.

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