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People and organisations we work with

We work with partners from a variety of sectors to continue providing the right support to the ambulance community.

Corporate partnerships

Dr Jennifer Wild

We appointed Dr Jennifer Wild as our Clinical Advisor in November 2018. Dr Wild is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and an Associate Professor of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University with years of experience and significant expertise in researching and treating PTSD in emergency service workers.


Auriga are constantly working to help people change their lives for the better. They work in partnership with their clients to achieve an immediate and lasting impact on their wellbeing.

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The Police Treatment Centres

The Police Treatment Centres are a charity providing treatment and support for working and retired police officers to improve their health, fitness and wellbeing.

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Fire Fighters Charity

The Fire Fighters Charity support thousands of people in the fire community every year through a broad range of services including rehabilitation, health and wellbeing, nursing and recuperation.

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College of Paramedics

The College of Paramedics is the professional body for paramedics and the ambulance profession in the UK, representing its members in all matters affecting their clinical practice and supporting them to achieve the highest standards of patient care.

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SP Services

SP Services has selected TASC as one of their chosen charities for 2019. They appreciate the difficulty our nation’s ambulance staff and their families can experience in seeking and receiving help, and important job that they do.

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Safestore provide free storage as part of their ‘Charity room in every store’ scheme to TASC. They help enable us to carry on our work supporting NHS and independent ambulance staff and their families when they face difficulties.

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DSM Legal Solicitors

TASC is DSM Legal’s charity of the year. They understand how dedicated the staff are, as the team have family members and friends who work as ambulance crews. Their support is a way of helping ambulance staff – ordinary men and women – when they find themselves in need.

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Blue Light Events

Blue Light Event puts on sporting events to raise money for TASC and so far they’ve managed to raise over £1,000 through cycling spinathons and a 50k bike ride in Brighton. They’re determined to keep raising money for TASC as a deserving cause.

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Frontline Coffee

TASC has teamed up with Frontline Coffee, who support front-line charities within the NHS and beyond, to offer The First Responder coffee with 100% of profits donated to the charity.

GMB Union

The GMB is a general trade union with over 620,000 members in the United Kingdom. Members of the trade union GMB, work in nearly all industrial sectors, including the NHS, ambulance service and local government. GMB’s job is very simple: to get the best deal possible for their members.

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CSIS logo

CSIS Charity Fund

CSIS Charity Fund is an independent charity dedicated to helping civil and public servants and their families get through tough periods in life. Through their partner organisations they are able to assist in times of hardship, upheaval and bereavement.

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TASC are proud to have worked with local Coventry-based creative agency Rawww on the design of our new website.

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