From Carolyn Williams

Michelle I’ve known for many years here up in the North.
What a lovely kind lady who would do anything for anyone she would also go out of her way to help you what a lovely lady who I will miss and specially our trips to the trees we had over the years
With heart felt sympathy to the family x

From Chris Jones

I have so many fond memories of our time within WAST , especially all those car journeys around Wales putting the world to right and all the advice we have shared through the years, you were one special person and will be dearly missed by so many you have left a big gap in WAST. I’m sorry i cant make it to the funeral but i will be thinking of your family friends and colleagues on the 24th xx

From Louise Todd

I have known Michelle for over twenty years, I am so sad and will miss her kindness, support, humour and friendship. Michelle was such a caring, hardworking, dedicated, passionate lady. There will never be anyone like her.
My deepest sympathy to her family, friends and colleagues. xx

From Nigel Rankine

There are some people that just make you happier! Michelle was one of those people for me. She was there from my first training days with WAST, helping me every step of the way, and then continuing this support when i had the chance to join her team. No matter how busy she was (and she was often very busy!) Michelle would always make time to ask how Brooke and the rest of the family were.

Fabulous boss, fabulous person, fabulous friend. Going to be missed so much and by so many.
Words will never be able to do justice, so I will simply say xx Big love xx

From Joanne Pring

Lovely Michelle, I remember the first time meeting you as a newbie pregnant EMD. You used to laugh at the concoctions of snacks I’d bring in to get me through MPDS. You were so patient, so kind, so funny. You remained that way throughout the 9 years of knowing you. Always ready to offload a story, give a kind word, ask how the kids were. You have left a huge void in Ops Quality and WAST truly will not be the same. You were loved by all and will be missed by so many. xxx

From Pat Edwards

I remember the very first day Michelle started with the Ambulance Service in Healh Comm many years ago – Michelle, Debbie and myself became firm friends and had many happy days and nights out with lots of fun and laughter. We also became firm friends with the family- Roger, Jourdan & Jac and had lots of laughs at parties in their house. Cherished memories which will never be forgotten – I will never forget her and send all my love to the lovely family she has left behind xx

From Caroline Bennett-Thomas

In the 20 years I worked with Michelle she was always kind and fun to be around, when I think of her the image in my mind is one with a smiling face and that chuckling laugh she had. Michelle always had time to ask how I was or how my family were. We will all miss her very much. I send my love and condolences to all the family and close friends, I also send strength to you all for the funeral and the future ahead, Michelle once said to me ‘I know it’s difficult but you will get through it’.

From Kathy Lodwig

I will never forget you Michelle and you are so sadly missed already. I will always remember your kindness and support, every single time we worked together. I will always remember the funny times and your amazing sense of humour. I will remember all the times your valuable work made such a difference to our patients and staff.
So many patients have benefited from your work and relentless commitment, to duty, as well as the organisation.
We have all been honoured to have had you in our lives .
You were one very special lady and now you are a beautiful angel to watch over us all.
Rest in peace
Lots of love always

From Andy Garner

In the relatively short time I knew Michelle, it was evident that she was passionate about what she did and an extremely caring and thoughtful colleague and manager who always put others and her team before herself. I will miss Michelle’s honesty and her sense of humour, which often rendered us all in stitches. I consider it a true privilege to have been able to work with Michelle and learn so much from her. Irreplaceable in both her knowledge and unique personality, her loss is felt hugely by the whole team and more widely. My deepest condolences to Roger, Jourdan and Jac, who she often spoke of and clearly meant the world to her. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time and God bless.

From Kelly Wallace

I first met Mich when I joined EMS in Llangunnor in 2009, I was 3 months pregnant. For the 14 years I knew her, she always asked about the boys as they were growing up, always there to provide support and words of wisdom. Such a loving lady.
Michelle was the most knowledgeable person when it came to her work – there literally won’t be another like her. I’m glad I got to spend more time with Michelle more recently. Her funny quips and one liners still make me smile. Sending love to all of your family Mich , we’ll miss you xxx

From Mark Jones

Michelle was always there if anyone needed any help. She was amazing when she was doing my Mentor training. At the Navigator in Edinburgh (2019) she looked after myself and colleagues from South Wales, making sure we were all socialising and enjoying the conference. Positive attitude, caring and great humour , she will be missed by all who knew her.
Thoughts are with her family, friends and colleagues with deepest sympathy

From Karen Kinsella-Maher

Michelle was a massive part of my WAST journey from my time both as an NVQ assessor 20yrs ago to being my boss in MPDS she passed on her pearls of wisdom to all she met-She was an amazing lady and it has been a privilege to have known her. I cannot imagine the massive hole she will leave both in her family’s lives and those of her colleagues. She will be missed by all.

From Helen Athienia Di Franco

I still can’t find the words
I miss you, you were like my big sister
My biggest supporter and my honest critic
I loved you and respected you personally and professionally
God bless Bach