From Andy ‘Nicks’ Nicholls

Waking up to the news of your death on that Friday morning was totally devastating.
We were supposed to have been having coffee at 1030.
I’ve cried a lot since that day as you were not only a colleague, but a best friend.
I miss sitting in your kitchen talking about the job, jobs we’d attended, relationships, mental health and just generally putting the world to rights and most of all I miss those hugs, you gave the best hugs!
Your funeral was beautiful, and everyone did you proud although I’m sure you would have said there was no need for such a fuss. I think we all managed a chuckle through streams of tears as we watched you perform “Raspberry Beret” and copious amounts of alcohol were consumed at your wake. I think you definitely would have been impressed!
I have so much more that I want to say and so much I wished I had said but it can wait for another time….
Rest in peace, my angel x

From Shell

We had a life time of memories in a moment of time. I am blessed to have known you and even more blessed that you are my friend. Always with me ❤️
Shell xxxx

From Sian Todd

What to say about Mel? A smile that could brighten up anyone’s day, a laugh so naughty and infectious it was hard to keep a straight face when you heard it. Mel battled her demons behind closed doors and I don’t know whether it was because she thought she was alone. Mel you were never alone, you were adored, you were cherished and you were and always will be very much loved x

From Steve Hutchinson

Ah Mel, why did you leave us? Your smile and cheekiness will be missed so much by so many. You have no idea how much.
Miss you xx

From Az Iqbal

Thinking of you always Mel, we miss your cheeky smile and mischievous pranks. We thank you for bringing light into our lives when yours seemed so dark behind closed doors.
I personally thank you for helping me on my dating apps and giving me a women’s perspective. (I’m still single!)
To God we belong, and to him we shall return ❤️

From Maria Brown

You have left an enormous void in the lives of us all. You were loved more than you’ll ever know. Sleep tight Mel xx

From Andy “Nicks” Nicholls

Mel, you were born on the same date as the air crash of LANSA flight 508 and died on the discovery of supernova M101.
How mad is that?!
Love you to bits, you Crazy Diamond, you fellow ‘lost soul living in a fish bowl’
Andy xxx

From Beth Davies

Mel you have been and always will be such a beautiful soul and greatly missed by so many.
I miss eating all your brownies on station and blaming it on the fire service.
Love you, Beth

From Angie

You sparkled, you shone, rest in peace beautiful lady xxx

From Yael

The glee in your face and your laugh as you played tricks ok fellow crew mates, throwing your joke egg at them and seeing them duck and scream, will always be engraved in my mind. You always brought me joy. The station isn’t the same without you xx

From Skates

Miss you more x

From Lisa

What we had was special.
Inside work and outside.
Known as ‘The Girls’
No-one can ever replace that. We just clicked.
You were just the best.
We laughed so much.
I miss that!
I miss you!…xx