From Sharon Tiffen

Man, what a top bloke such a dry sense of humour, he respected us girls starting out sadly missed, Dennis and Bob Foster my earliest memories

From Mike Vockings

Fond memories of chats with ” big den ” in crew room of Fishburn Station.
A true gentleman who was always up for the craic.

From Darren Fairclough

Remember working with Dennis many times whilst on relief in the Durham County Ambulance service days, always funny, put things in perspective, a really good bloke work with.

From Kevin Smith

Dennis was a true gentleman. I had great pleasure in working my first ever shift with him in fishburn and to see just how caring and compassionate he was to others helped make me
who I am today with my patients. I was saddened to hear of his passing as he was irreplaceable. Nothing was a problem and he would never see you stuck. He was a funny hard working gentleman who adores his family. A sad miss…

From George Stacey

I knew Dennis for many years we always had plenty to chat about, in 1988 we spent two weeks together on a post proficiency course, at Keighley Ambulance Training School, along
with a another lad called Geoff Groves from Peterlee Station, we shared many laughs together, and enjoyed each other’s company, very happy memories i have of Dennis, a truly lovely great man, who’s heart was in the right place, very sadly missed by everyone who knew him.

From Raymond McDermott

I worked with Denis many times at Fishburn when I first started on A and E a great gentleman.

From Lisa Smith

Daddy bear! One in a million and an absolute legend who is missed more and more each day.
Loved his job, loved helping people and those he worked with. Even off duty he was on duty as everyone in the village came our house when they had a medical emergency!
So much could be said about how amazing dad is, but I’d take up the wall!
Love and miss you so much dad xx

From Trish Naylor

Worked with Dennis a good few times. When I first came on A&E (back in the day haha) and used to panic when buzzer went off he would just say what ya panicking for there’s two of us remember, such a calming influence . Top bloke xx

From Nicola Mellanby nee Smith

My dad is my hero i went into nursing because of him . I remember when I worked nights taking him and his crew mate a hot drink out most of the time they never had time to drink it all . Dad was proud to be an ambulance tech, he helped so many in their hour of need. Many people in the village of Coxhoe where dad was born and passed tell stories of how he saved their lives or the lives of someone close
to them, this makes me so proud to be his first born dad was the best ever dad and I miss him terribly. Sleep well my papa Smurf xxxxx

From Claire

My dad was Jim Gorman I can remember him talking about your dad

From Paul

Such a lovely bloke with a great sense of humour made me feel welcome when I first started at Fishburn.