From Chris Chalmers

Dave, one in a million bloke with a kind heart. You have no idea how much you are missed by all.

From Joy Redmond

We all miss you so much. Life hasn’t been the same without you but we think of, and talk about you every day. We’re so, so proud of your dedication to the service. My hero, my Dad. Love you all the world xx

From Amy Gill

I will always be so proud to call you my Dad. Your years of service will never be forgotten. We love you and miss you so much xx

From Sandra Bond

Dave was a great friend and one of the most empathic, loving chaps that I have ever met.
He consistently put other people and their needs first, both through the job he loved as a paramedic and in his time away from work.
My heart goes out to his wife, daughters, grandchildren, extended family who are living with this sad loss.
There are so many people young and old that dearly miss him.
Love you Dave and shall miss you forever xx

From Jordan Gill

Best father in law any body could ask for! I learned a lot of DIY because of Dave and a lot about sports and his love for sport has now passed on to his grandchildren who are obsessed with football which I know you’d be proud of. I could never repay for what you have done for our family but I will make sure the Redmond’s are well looked after. Miss you Dave till we meet again.

From Jaci Redmond

Dave, this is so deserved for you, since you passed we have had so many people asking about the family and then telling us how they knew you. You saved so many lives and helped so many people in need when they really needed a friendly face. Your still known as the only one who could get blood out of us tricky veined people first time !
Your a big miss in the family and the kids all miss you and often talk of you.
I have heard you described as a big personality and it couldn’t be more true.
You would be so proud of Elaine and the girls for the last few months and I know your watching over us all.
We love you and miss you always x

From Sharon Hunter

Dave , a fab friend, a fab colleague who always gave fantastic care to all of his patients and Their families , a fabulous Dad and husband to lovely Elaine, dearly missed ❤️ sending love to you all ❤️

From Yvonne Crawford

They don’t make them like you, one of a kind Dave Redmond. A great honour for a great man, thinking of you all. Love the Crawfords x

From Dan Richards

An absolute diamond of a bloke! Always there to offer his support or to just simply have a laugh with. Miss you loads Dave. Xx

From Shona Johnson

A wonderful friend and neighbour.
Dave was always there for everyone.
He would help anyone in need and always had a smile on his face.
He was fantastic at his job and a true gentleman.
Miss your chats.
A well deserved tribute
Shona x

From Elaine Redmond

We all miss you so much Dave, miss your little chats.
You were the best brother in law anybody could ever have had always ready to lend a helping hand and a good listener.
All the family memories we made together will never be forgotten and you will live in our heart’s forever.
Elaine and family xxx