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Free Coronavirus information pack

Get lots of tips, tools, advice, and information to support your wellbeing during this crucial time in our downloadable information pack.

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Included in this pack

The pack includes:

  • Finding the right work-life balance
  • Managing anxiety and panic attacks
  • How to support someone struggling with their mental health
  • Health and wellbeing support for ambulance staff and volunteers – AACE
  • Guidance for managers on psychosocial support and mental wellbeing of ambulance personnel in a pandemic crisis – College of Paramedics
  • Evidence-based tools to support the wellbeing of frontline staff – OXCADAT

Plus much more!

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Need support?

TASC can provide a range of services to support the wellbeing of ambulance staff, their family members, and ambulance service volunteers. Our services include:

  • Counselling and mental health support
  • Financial guidance
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Wellbeing advice and life skills
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