Take a challenge for TASC

This is a great opportunity to set yourself a challenge or do something you’ve never done before and raise funds for TASC.

We are here to support your fundraising journey. If you need help, get in touch with our Fundraising Team at: fundraising@theasc.org.uk
Take a challenge for TASC

How you can make a difference

From running a 5K, do an abseil, or doing 500 starjumps a day in the comfort of your home to learning a new skill, challenge yourself to complete a new activity and help raise vital funds for TASC!

Leave TASC a gift in your Will and help support the physical wellbeing of the ambulance community
£100 can provide two physiotherapy sessions for someone injured in the line of duty
Leave TASC a gift in your Will and help support the mental health of the ambulance community
£250 can provide four people with an hour of mental health support
Leave TASC a gift in your Will and help support the wellbeing of the ambulance community
£500 can give five people a year of online advice and support

How to get started

Take a challenge for TASC, The Ambulance Staff Charity
Stage one

Choose an activity or challenge

Walking a set distance, doing 1,000 squats in a month, learning 100 words in a new language, swimming 60 miles, or even completing a wing walk – the possibilities are endless! Aim for something that you find interesting, fun, and challenging. Download our fundraising pack for lots of ideas and inspiration to help you get started!

Once you’ve picked your activity or challenge, choose the number of sessions you want to achieve or the date you would like to achieve your goal. For example:

  • Walk 15,000 steps every day for a month
  • Learn 100 words in sign language by 1st October

If you need some more inspiration, then visit the Let’s Do This website to see a list of physical challenges taking place across the UK.

Stage two

Set your fundraising target

Next, pick how much money you would like to try and raise for TASC and how you’re going to raise the funds. Many of our fundraisers like collecting donations online through a JustGiving page (our Fundraising Team can help you set your page up if you have any problems). You could also collect money on paper by downloading TASC’s sponsorship form.

Once you know how much and where you want to fundraise, let our Fundraising Team know by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.

Stage three

Start promoting your challenge

Once you have picked your challenge, fundraising target, and how you’re going to raise funds, you need to start promoting your challenge with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Many of our fundraisers find social media to be an incredibly powerful tool for their fundraising. If you do post on social media, don’t forget to tag TASC in your post so we can follow your progress and promote your challenge on our channels. Here are our social media details:

Take a challenge for TASC, The Ambulance Staff Charity
Stage four

Enjoy your challenge

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy your challenge. Any funds you raise will help support the ambulance community in their time of need and TASC is very grateful for your support!

Here’s some advice from Cath and Kev who raised over £13,000 for TASC last year by walking the Cambrian Way in Wales:

“Social media was such a big thing for us and as soon as we started training, we were regularly posting video diaries to keep people updated and involved. We also ran raffles with prizes donated by our friends and colleagues, and local businesses with all funds going towards our total.”

Taking a challenge for TASC? Don’t forget to tell us!

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