Join us for a jog/walking challenge and if you take your dog with you then you will receive a FREE TASC dog bandana!

Simply set yourself a distance target and get walking or jogging.

Every step you take and every pound you raise with your trusted companion will help to ensure that we can be here to support our UK lifesaving ambulance community.

Why should I take part?

  • Increase fitness
  •  Relieve stress
  •  Improve overall health and wellbeing
  • Help raise funds to support our amazing ambulance staff.

What distance should I do?

  • That is completely up to you. You could do one of three distances (50, 75 and 100km) and move around these targets to suit yourself and your four-legged friend if they are accompanying you.

How can I keep track of the kilometres I have done?

Strava, Fitbit, a pedometer or other fitness apps.  Share your progress with your friends and family to encourage sponsorship throughout the month.

Can I start early or late?

Of course! Feel free to complete the challenge when it is most convenient for you.  Just remember to make sure you tell us about it so we can help promote it across our social media platforms.

What do I need to do to take part?

  1. Set up your Walking Challenge JustGiving page here spread the word about your challenge.
  2. Complete a TASC consent form (for GDPR purposes) here
  3. Request your FREE pup-tastic TASC dog bandana


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