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Supporting present and past ambulance staff and their families in time of need. We're here to support you.

TASC The Ambulance Staff Charity appreciates that many people struggle to ask for help when facing difficulties. TASC are particularly aware that those who work in emergency and ambulance services are often the last to ask for help for themselves and their families– ambulance service personnel are used to helping others, often ignoring their own needs.


Services offered by TASC The Ambulance Staff Charity

TASC The Ambulance Staff Charity offer support to present and past ambulance staff, working within the NHS and independent sectors. 

Support is offered to all staff in all areas of operation.  Our services are independent and confidential.

TASC offer support to a wide range of individuals who are experiencing a wide range of circumstances, such as ill health, relationship breakdown, need for specialist equipment, rehabilitation – both physical and psychological, bereavement, financial support, including debt advice, owing to unforeseen or difficult circumstances. As part of our package we also carry out a welfare benefits assessment, offer support by way of a ‘listening ear’ and also a range of welfare/support advice – including information about disability grants, housing issues, income maximisation on behalf of our beneficiaries where required, advice about social welfare processes, signposting to support agencies where appropriate etc.  We do not offer legal advice and are not registered to offer any financial advice directly.

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How to contact us for support

Call the TASC Support Line on 0800 1032 999

A member of our dedicated Support Services Team will discuss your circumstances and work with you to offer advice and try to find solutions to difficulties.

Alternatively, complete our Support Enquiry Form and a member of the team will contact you.

You can also email us at



TASC can fund psychological support for ambulance staff struggling with stress related illness or struggling with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Currently TASC can offer residential psychological well-being support via The Police Treatment Centres.  This support provides access to various well-being therapies with opportunity for a few individual sessions with a counsellor.

For those who require more intensive counselling, TASC have commissioned services from The Red Poppy Company. The Red Poppy Company provide ‘Rewind Treatment’ a model of counselling support for those affected by trauma of any kind. You will be allocated a counsellor near-by, so that you do not have to travel far or stay away from home to receive this treatment.

Physical Rehabilitation

TASC have commissioned services from The Police Treatment Centres and The Fire Fighters Charity to support ambulance staff who are injured in the line of duty in England only. (This funding is also available for Search and Rescue personnel). 

The Police Treatment Centres have facilities in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and Auchterader, Perthshire.  The Fire Fighters Charity have facilities in Penrith, Cumbria, Little Hampton, West Sussex and Chudleigh, Devon.

TASC have raised additional funding for those injured in the line of duty for other areas of the UK however this rehabilitation is only available at The Police Treatment Centres.

TASC have also secured funding for those who are injured, but not in the line of duty, but still require physical rehabilitation.  This is available via The Police Treatment Centres.

Access to these services require a completed TASC application form, completed application for the relevant service provider together with a letter of support from a medical professional advising that they believe that rehabilitation would improve the individual’s circumstances. Assessment is based on physical need and does not include a financial assessment.   When TASC have confirmed a grant, the individual service providers would then carry out their own clinical assessment and a placement will only be offered if deemed by the service provider to be beneficial to the user.  Placements are also subject to availability.

To access financial support, applicants are individually assessed, taking into consideration individual circumstances.  TASC do have broad eligibility criteria, however, these are guidelines, and where there are exceptional circumstances, TASC will consider all circumstances.



Broad eligibility guidelines:

Savings disregard of £4000.00

Have worked in UK ambulance service for 12 months

Be in need

That the support TASC offer has long term benefits for the individual

Where appropriate TASC will also offer debt advice.  TASC have commissioned bespoke debt advice services – free of charge to the service user. The Debt Advice Service can provide budget management advice and debt solutions – in negotiation with our beneficiary and their creditors.

TASC can offer advice and information on a wide range of subjects.  In addition to this and when required, TASC will work with other charities and organisations to maximise funds and support to meet the needs of its beneficiaries.  TASC are not registered to provide legal or financial advice.

TASC can offer support to bereaved families of ambulance staff who have died in service and also to those who may have recently left the service owing to terminal illness or when a loved one who has served in the ambulance service dies.

TASC also offer support to bereaved children and families and have commissioned services from Winston’s Wish to provide therapeutic support for children and families of services staff killed in the line of duty.


TASC Memorial – The ambulance services memorial and garden is located at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.  The Garden of Remembrance is open to all members of the ambulance services community and their families.

TASC hosts the National Ambulance Memorial Service at the Arboretum every two years where we honour those in the ambulance services across the UK who are no longer with us.

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