From Alan Morley-Davis

My dear friend and colleague ‘Chad’
You gave your life helping others in the fight against C-19. I like many others will always be grateful to have known you.
As you said at the end of everyone’s shift ‘Thank you for your work today’ & equally thank you for yours my friend.
Rest in peace

From Oscar Austin

Chad, you were the 1st Paramedic I done observing shifts with whilst I persuade a carer in the Ambulance Service. You were are true gentleman and a great mentor to me, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Our love of Forest made the shifts go quicker and it was always a great pleasure to work with you.

Rest easy my friend
Oscar Austin

From Michael Phipps

Chad it was always a pleasure working along side you, I can still hear your voice, calling me “Phippsy” what a pleasure seeing you.
R.I.P my dear friend

From Andy Bache-Smith

Chad your leadership and support will always be remembered and appreciated. The service and community have lost a genuine loving and caring person and outstanding manager who was loved and respected by everyone. Your thought of and missed everyday. Rest easy, thanks for your work.

From Donna Maxwell

Chadders, it truly was a honor to be your friend and colleague. It’s so sad that you had to be taken from all your family and friends, it’s just not fair. I will always have a smile on my face as I remember you, your cheeky chops calling me ‘sutton bird’ will miss you forever!! Xxx

From Suzie Matthews

Chadders – I’ll miss that ‘Mrs Matthews, to what do I owe the pleasure’ and other far more rude greetings I’ve had over the years! Good memories of support and back up on jobs, all the shenanigans over the train incident and the mickey taking when the fuel nozzle got stuck in my FRV… I’ll not repeat your comments on here!
Feel cheated I’ve not been able to work with you again; I was selfishly looking forward to seeing you in your new role and having you as my manager again.
Fond memories of a terrific Paramedic, manager and colleague. But will miss you xxx

From Mike Halpin

More than a friend and more than a manager you were the heart beat of EMAS at Newark. The station is quieter and darker without you.

From Atipa Mugoro

I don’t know but I would like to say thank you for your amazing work. May you rest deeply in peace. You will not be forgotten.
Kind Regards
Atipa Mugoro
TASC Volunteer

From Terry Thompson

Chad was a great bloke and will be missed by all, an incredibly funny man who always had the ability to put you at ease. His witty remarks and great sense of humour are something that I will always miss and never forget.
A great manager, paramedic and a true gentleman, Chad was an amazing ambassador for the Ambulance service,

From Sue Campion

Another year has past and I still look back and think about you. Wishing I could see you again, share a moment, catch up on the banter and have a laugh together. You were an incredibly nice man, a gentleman, a hero and a person who always thought about others and made everyone smile! Whenever we bumped into one another, we always had a minute to catch up and share some tales. Take care and rest easy my friend. You are sorely missed and I know you’re in a better place x x x