From Gemma Waring

My brother Liam worked for East Midlands Ambulance service for 12 years.
He loved his job, loved his crew mates and loved helping his patients. I was so proud of him the day he qualified as a paramedic, his smile was similar to the one in the photo. It was just the first step for Liam though, he always wanted to be a paramedic on an air ambulance and he eventually achieved that goal working with Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance.
Liam became a Daddy to Bonnie Lilly-Ann on 21 June, by far the proudest moment of his life and watching him with BonBon filled me with a joy I didn’t know was possible as a big sister.
He loved Star Wars, Marvel, swearing like a sailor and making people laugh. God I miss his laugh and giggling with him as we talked about our days at work.
He loved his wife Jade and his beautiful daughter Bonnie Lilly-Ann, our parents Ann and Alex and our brother Leighton and our nieces and nephew. Baileydog was his shadow and he misses him terribly and of course Tigger too.
There’s a Liam sized hole in all our lives and I miss him immeasurably but I will always be so proud to call him my brother.
May the Force be with you my Padawan, always xx