From John Warwick

Julie was my crew mate for nearly 10 years. She was also a wonderful friend and I’m proud to have know her.
When I first started working with her in 1989 we were both, what is now called, Technicians. After about 18 months I went away off to the Training school to learn to upgrade to a paramedic.
Julie was short (so she always took the bottom of the carry chair or stretcher), and when questioned. about her by anyone I would always say “she may be small, but she is not insignificant”, and I would typically add “but I wouldn’t mess with her if I were you”.
After every call when we got back Julie ALWAYS made cups of tea. She was always thinking of other people. Even though she had ‘brittle asthma’ and got through loads of salbutamol pumps a week she would never let her condition affect her work.
She was an ideal partner as she was very good with young children, women, and patients with breathing difficulties. But she wouldn’t suffer fools quietly. If she thought they were taking the mick she would tell them!
Julie died at home after a row with her partner. The ambulance crew that went to her did all they could.
Even though I worked in the service for another 17 years I never again would have a regular crew mate.
I’d had the best.