From Rebecca Willson

We lost my Dad in a road traffic accident in 2002. My Dad was a Paramedic for Hull and East Riding based at Preston. He was a fun loving man, who is still missed to this day, his laughter and sense of humour is still something we talk about and the stories I now share with my own children. I remember the day we sadly lost my dad and how much the Ambulance and the staff help support my family and especially the day all the Paramedics and service lined the streets at his funeral. My dad was a very special man.

From Lisa Thetford

I only new Graham for a couple of years and he was the most lovely person, always happy and such a dry sense of humour! I think of him often, he would have been so proud to see what wonderful people his girls have grown up to be..

From Kelly Izatt

Graham was a fantastic man with a great sense of humour. I always remember the way he used to make a bad situation seem not as bad as it was with his jokes. I am sure he is so proud of how his family have turned out.

From Vicky

I loved uncle Graham, was the best uncle ever. Miss him every single day. He will be proud of how far Laura and Becky have come. Rest in peace ❤

From Laura Abey

My dad was my inspiration in everything I aspire to be in the very short 15 years I had with you your memories have stayed with me a lifetime and guided me along the way. You never failed to brighten up a room with your smile and laughter and that stays with me forever. 20 years you have been gone and not a day goes by where I don’t think of you. Your grandchildren know all about you and often speak about you you would love them and be the most amazing grandad. As I get married in a few months i know you will be guiding me along the way and
with me. From being a little girl it was always my dream of you taking me down the aisle and when that was shattered this moment has always been my worry but I know as always mum will be my rock she’s my world and you would be so proud of her and the amazing mum and grandma she is. You were one amazing person missed by everyone we love you xxx