From Steph Meech


An ode to Bruce Davy by Steph Meech

The pearly gates swung open

And Bruce just strolled right in

Alright guys said Bruce

His face broke into a grin


The good lord almighty

Took down his big book

He flicked through the pages

And gave Bruce a long hard look


It says here you’re a Para

A flipping fireman too

You are a legend also

And what’s this with your shoes


Bruce stood there silently

And then began to talk

Well it’s like this he said

As he began to walk


Bruce is not a troublemaker

I do not like to fight

But you all need to remember

Bruce is always right


The good lord looked at him

He then began to smile

I have a job for you now

We have been needing one for a while


You are my lone responder

And race amongst the clouds

Helping all who need you

Sirens blaring loud


Bruce said I will do it

But I have a request to make

You need to iron that shirt of yours

And those sandals are a mistake


So if in the distance

A siren you do hear

Listen very carefully

As Bruce is probably near


He may be gone now

But just close your eyes

Can you hear the sirens

It’s coming from the skies.

From Steve McIntosh

Bruce was a legendary character, very few people hadn’t heard of him.  Maybe not the most PC of people but that was Bruce…..respected, loved and admired.  Famed for his pristine boots, uniform and reliability.  Bruce had a number of sayings which will carry on forever and known as JF but as we all know…Bruce was right!