“I really can’t thank TASC enough for helping me push through a very dark time. Without their help, I don’t know what I would have done.”

Sarah, Trainee Emergency Medical Technician, Welsh Ambulance Service


Sarah came to TASC when she was struggling with her brother’s death and suffering with a newly diagnosed heart condition. TASC arranged financial support for her brother’s funeral and local bereavement counselling sessions for Sarah. Here’s Sarah’s story:

“Sadly 18 months ago my brother, Mark, suffered a fatal head injury from which he later passed away in hospital while I was at his bedside.  As my brother’s next of kin, I quickly found myself overwhelmed with the aftermath of his death, I left the hospital knowing it was going to be down to me to arrange his funeral.

The pressure and sadness took their toll. I was due to have a major operation and it soon became obvious at work that I was struggling.  My line manager suggested TASC as a possible source of support and recommended I get in touch. After TASC’s assessment process, I was awarded a grant to help towards Mark’s funeral costs which helped me to make arrangements to bring my brother home from Southampton to our hometown in Hereford. Thanks to TASC we gave him a send-off that at first, just didn’t seem possible. I was so grateful for the support; it changed everything and definitely took some of the pressure off.

TASC’s help didn’t stop there. In April 2020 I started training as an EMT and as the months went by I found myself really struggling with the grief and the tragic circumstances around Mark’s death. After my major operation, I was given the added stress of a newly diagnosed heart condition that required surgery. Again, it all got a bit too much to cope with and I found myself struggling to balance my studies, health, work and home life. So, I turned to TASC again who kindly arranged for me to have some bereavement counselling. I met locally with a lovely lady called Jenny who helped me begin to realise and accept the things I cannot change. I have now concluded the sessions and I am feeling much more positive as I begin to move forward.

Shortly after the funeral I wanted to show my appreciation, so I arranged to do a Wing Walk in return to thank TASC and repay the kindness. I had a huge amount of support from my work colleagues and friends, and together we raised just over a £1,000. The Wing Walk was an amazing feeling, I enjoyed it so much.

What happened to my brother turned my life upside down, everything fell apart around me, and I really can’t thank TASC enough for helping me push through a very dark time.  Without their help, I don’t know what I would have done. Combine this with my work colleagues support, who have also been amazing, I am now feeling much stronger, my smile has returned.

I am finding it easier to concentrate on my studies and I am working hard to complete my training and qualify as an EMT. This unpleasant experience has given me a greater insight and heightened my ability to empathise with others who may be in a similar situation to Mark’s, or even my own.

Thank you to TASC for keeping me propped up, I will never forget what you have done for me but more importantly how this kindness has helped me lay my brother to rest – with love and peace.”

Sarah, trainee Emergency Medical Technician, Welsh Ambulance Service