“TASC saved my life and my career, and more people need to know that they are there to help.”

Ruth, HART Paramedic, Yorkshire


Ruth came to TASC after she badly injured her shoulder at work and was in danger of losing the job she loved. To support her recovery, we provided funding for her to receive a two-week residential rehabilitation treatment programme at a Police Treatment Centre. Ruth is now back at work and has since become a TASC Volunteer. Here’s Ruth’s story:

‘‘A few years ago, I badly hurt my shoulder in a fall at work. I was put on alternative duties and was told I may lose my job as a HART Paramedic due to my injury. My mental health was in bits – I love my job, it’s the one thing that gives me a sense of purpose and I couldn’t bear the thought of losing it.

Sometime later, I was talking to my friend who’s a firefighter, who told me he was receiving rehabilitation for a broken finger from The Fire Fighters Charity. I started to wonder what support was available to ambulance staff, and that’s when I came across TASC.

I called the charity and was told straight away they would be able to help, and within a week I had been approved to receive a two-week residential rehabilitation programme at a Police Treatment Centre after surgery to fix my shoulder!

The TASC team were amazing – so empathetic and understanding – I couldn’t believe how quickly the team turned things around for me! The support I received at the treatment centre was superb and eventually led to me being able to return to the job I love.

TASC saved my life and my career, and more people need to know that they are there to help, so when two of my colleagues said they were TASC volunteers, I signed up straight away. I’ve since started promoting TASC to all my colleagues and as my job covers the whole of Yorkshire, I’ve been able to really shout about the support available to everyone in the Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

I know what it’s like to be off work or want to do the job but can’t due to circumstances beyond your control. We need to support each other more, which is why my next step is to take part in TASC’s training to become a TASC Peer Support Volunteer and use my experiences to support my colleagues in their time of need.’’

Ruth, HART Paramedic, Yorkshire