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General wellbeing support

Sometimes receiving more information or enjoying a chat is all you need. The TASC team are here if you need to talk.

Online information and advice

We work with Rightsteps to provide an online platform with full information and self-guidance on a range of wellbeing topics from stress and anxiety to stopping smoking and substance abuse.

Visit our Rightsteps portal to learn more

Looking at the whole picture

Our team are experienced in a range of wellbeing topics and can provide information and advice on benefits and other organisations/charities that may also be able to help you.

How we can help

We are dedicated to providing the ambulance community with the support they need with our general wellbeing support services, and when assessing your support application, we’ll also look at other options to help. For example, if you apply for physical rehabilitation due to an injury which has led to you being off work, we may also be able to offer you debt advice or a financial grant if you’re struggling with your finances.

Who we help

Our general wellbeing services are available to anyone in the ambulance community.

‘‘TASC gave me invaluable support and compassion. My recovery has been made that little bit easier, thanks to TASC.’’

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