“I get a great sense of self-pride volunteering with TASC.”


Lewis, ACC Practice Developer, Scotland

Why I volunteer for TASC - Lewis' story“I first learned about TASC when I started with the Scottish Ambulance Service. I wanted to find a way to help support my colleagues and provide the people who care, with a bit of care themselves. I decided to volunteer my time with TASC to develop my understanding of the support available, help my colleagues in their time of need and signpost them to TASC’s services, when necessary.

I get a great sense of self-pride volunteering with TASC. As part of my role I have put up posters, signed up for many new training courses and handed out leaflets to show my colleagues what TASC can do for them and their families;  a couple of colleagues have also approached me to help them and show them how best to contact TASC for assistance. I also volunteer as a Community First Responder (CFR) and I have helped roll TASC out to other CFRs and shown them what TASC can do for them.

I think TASC is an integral part of the ambulance service. It’s people like the volunteers who help promote TASC; with more volunteers and more publicity TASC can become a common go-to for ambulance service personnel and their loved ones.”

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Volunteers are at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s raising awareness in their workplace, encouraging others to get involved, supporting staff at events or speaking at conferences, all our TASC volunteers make a big difference to the people in the UK’s ambulance community. If you’d like to join Lewis and become one of our volunteering superstars, you can learn more and register to become a volunteer at: www.theasc.org.uk/volunteer.

Volunteers' Week 2020

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