Please click here to read a letter of support from HRH The Duke of Cambridge – 200911 Ambulance Staff Memorial Foreword

Every two years TASC organises and hosts the National Ambulance Memorial Service and the service should have taken place yesterday. The event attracts many people from the Ambulance Community to pay tribute and remember family, loved ones, friends and colleagues who are sadly no longer with us.

Due to on-going restrictions resulting from Covid-19 we cancelled the full event, however, we were determined that we should do something during this difficult time. We therefore held a small event, limited to six people, to honour those we have lost in the 2 years since the last memorial service and we created a film of the event, sharing the tributes and the roll of honour.

We hope this goes a small way to filling the gap.

The next service was not scheduled until September 2022 but we believe that this is too long and we will be holding an additional memorial service in September 2021. We hope to see many of you that were prevented from attending because of the restrictions resulting from the pandemic to join us in remembrance.

We are grateful to Professor Anthony Marsh CEO of West Midlands Ambulance Trust and Daren Mochrie CEO of North West Ambulance Trust and Chair of the Association of Chief Ambulance Officers for their support and contribution.

The thoughts of all of us who had the privilege of attending on the day were with the families, loved ones, friends and colleagues of those no longer holding in our hearts the memory of those we have lost.


They shall have stars at elbow and foot;

Though they go mad they shall be sane,

Though they sink through the sea they shall rise again;

Though lovers be lost love shall not;

And death shall have no dominion.


Rest in Peace.


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