Retired ambulance staff in the north of England have given a welcome boost to TASC, The Ambulance Staff Charity.

The Durham County Ambulance Service Retired Members Association has provided TASC with a donation of £200.

The association has been open to all retired ambulance staff from the former Durham County Ambulance Service since 1986. It currently has 24 members, including founder members Alec Wigham, who retired as chairman in 2014, and Bill Macadam.

Members of the association meet formally twice a year, and also have two lunches a year, one in spring and the other at Christmas time, during which a raffle is normally held.

Proceeds of the raffles were historically donated to the Ambulance Service Benevolent Fund, with which there was a strong link going back many years. However, following the closure of the ASBF, and the creation of The Ambulance Staff Charity, the association in Durham has now decided to send its donation to TASC.

The association had earlier been provided with comprehensive information about the work that TASC does, the services it provides, and the support it offers to past and present ambulance staff, which it was able to share with its members.

Fred Williams, Treasurer of the Durham County Ambulance Service Retired Members Association, said the donation to TASC demonstrated that “retired staff care”.

A spokesperson for TASC said:

“We are extremely grateful to the association in Durham for their donation, which will now be put to good use, supporting ambulance personnel who are facing difficulties in their lives.”

Further information about TASC, The Ambulance Staff Charity is available by visiting: or by calling 02477 987922