The days are getting longer, warmer and (fingers crossed) drier, which means now’s the perfect time to set yourself a challenge to raise funds to support the wellbeing of our lifesaving ambulance staff. Are you raring to go but are stuck on what to do? We have plenty of summer fundraising ideas to inspire you.


Afternoon tea

Rustle up some tasty treats and share them with your nearest and dearest in exchange for a small donation.


BBQ cook-off

Grab your aprons and tongs, and challenge your friends to make the best burger.


Car wash

Gather your friends and wash cars in return for a small donation.

Community picnic

Host a picnic with food and games and charge people a small fee for entry or food.


Dog walk fundraiser

Offer to walk your friends’ dogs in return for a small donation, or go even bigger and set yourself and your furry friend a challenge to walk 100 miles in a month.


Endurance challenge

Challenge yourself and your friends to complete a physical endurance challenge, such as a hike, bike ride, or swim. There’s plenty of challenges to get involved in on our website.


Fun run

Grab your trainers and water bottle and complete a 5km with your friends. Or go one step further and challenge yourself to complete a run while wearing an ambulance uniform and carrying a basic kit bag.


Golf hole-in-one challenge

Line up your golfing friends and see who can hit a hole-in-one. Ask for donations for each shot at the target.


Hiking excursion

Take advantage of the beautiful weather and get out in nature for a hike. You can make it as relaxing or challenging as you’d like, or you could even join a TASC hiking challenge. Take a look here.


Ice cream social

Gather your friends with everyone bringing a different flavour of ice cream to share, and charge for entry or every scoop of ice cream.


Jenga tournament

Purchase some giant Jenga and challenge your friends in a tournament.


Kite flying festival

Organise a kite flying festival in your local park where participants can make, decorate and fly in return for a small donation.


Lemonade stand

Go old school and set up a lemonade stand in a busy area to raise funds – just make sure you have permission!


Movie marathon

Screen some movies in your garden for your friends and loved ones and ask people to donate or pay for snacks.


Neon night run

Host a neon-themed night run where participants wear glowing attire and accessories, raising funds through registration fees and sponsorships.


Open garden

Whether it’s a plant pot paradise or a wilderness of wonder, why not open your garden up to invited guests, in return for a donation?


Photography walk

Handy with a camera? Take your friends on a walk through nature and show them how to get picture-perfect shots in return for a small donation.


Quiz night

Host an outdoor quiz night in a park or community space, where teams compete in trivia rounds and pay an entry fee to participate.


Rock painting competition

Challenge your friends and colleagues to paint the best rock around a particular theme and ask for a donation to enter.


Snowdon Sunrise Challenge

Join TASC for a nighttime climb of Snowdon with the aim of reaching the peak by dawn and watching the sunrise over the slopes! Learn more here.

Sports day challenge

Host a sports day with your friends and family.


Tropical bake sale

Host a bake sale celebrating all the amazing flavours of summer.


Upcycling competition

Challenge your friends to repurpose something old into something new and charge a fee for each category e.g. most creative, most useful.


Volleyball tournament

Have a beach nearby? Host a volleyball tournament and charge teams a small entry fee.


Water balloon battle

Organise a water balloon fight with your friends and ask people for a small donation for entry.

X, Y and Z

Yoga in the park

Host an outdoor yoga session and ask your friends for a small donation to participate.

Yorkshire Three Peak Challenge

Join TASC and attempt to scale Yorkshire’s Three Peaks and complete a tough 24-mile walk in under 12 hours. Learn more here.

Zumba outdoors

Host a charity class in a local park.

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