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Whatever difficulty you or your family are facing, whether it be ill health, loss or bereavement, in need of assistance towards aids or adaptations owing to disability, relationship breakdown or recovering from a difficult period owing to unforeseen circumstances, our Support Services Team may be able to help.

The Charity does have some eligibility criteria, but will consider applications for assistance based on individual circumstances.  We ask for a minimum of 12 months service with a UK Ambulance Service, have less than £4,000.00 in savings if making an application for financial support.  If you are unsure whether you meet our criteria, please do get in touch.  We will always try to offer some help or advice.


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How to contact us for support:-

Call the TASC Support Line on 0800 1032 999 a member of our dedicated Support Services Team will discuss your circumstances and work with you to offer advice and try to find solutions to difficulties.

Email us at


Complete our online Support Enquiry Form and a member of the team will contact you.