Join TASC’s virtual crew rooms for ambulance staff

Drop-in on our weekly events and chat with your colleagues across the UK

TASC's Virtual Crew Room for Ambulance Staff
Virtual Crew Room for ambulance staff

What is a virtual crew room?

TASC’s virtual crew rooms have been developed to provide an area for all ambulance staff to meet, chat and get support from their peers. Originally created from feedback from our volunteers who are serving ambulance staff, the crew rooms offer a safe, friendly and non-judgemental place to drop-in and talk.

The weekly crew rooms are held via Zoom and are facilitated by TASC staff members and volunteers. No bookings are necessary and you can drop-in for as long as you like.

Please note that you will need to have Zoom, a microphone, and a camera installed on your computer or device to access the crew room.

Talking in TASC's Virtual Crew Room

What can I talk about?

Anything and everything – from the latest episode of your favourite show to how your job is going.

In the past, participants have also found it helpful to share things they’re worried about or issues they’re facing with their peers who understand or have experienced something similar. However, please be aware that these crew rooms are not group counselling sessions.

If you’re worried about your mental health and would like some additional support, TASC may be able to help, visit our support pages to find out more.

Who can attend TASC's Virtual Crew Room

Who can attend a crew room?

Our virtual crew rooms are open to anyone who is serving in a UK ambulance service. The crew rooms are not limited to locations or job roles and you could find yourself chatting with an Emergency Medical Technician in Newcastle, a Call Dispatcher in Swansea, or anything in between.

When are TASC's Virtual Crew Room

When are the upcoming crew rooms?

The crew rooms are held every week on various days and times to give everyone an opportunity to join.

“I really enjoyed it and what a great bunch of people, really lovely and variety of interesting conversations, from people spread out over UK. Thank you.”


Disclaimer and crew room rules

TASC’s crew rooms are intended for ambulance staff only, and while every attempt is made to vet attendees, TASC cannot guarantee that all attendees will be currently serving ambulance staff.

TASC’s virtual crew rooms are a forum for peer support and not intended to be a counselling session or replace professional support.

The views expressed by participants in the crew room are those of the individual and not necessarily those of TASC.

Attendees of the crew room are asked to respect the views of others, give everyone equal opportunity to speak, and maintain confidentiality.

Crew room facilitators have the right to mute or remove anyone from the room if their behaviour is deemed unacceptable.