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Donate to TASC and help protect the UK's vital lifesaving ambulance staff

Our ambulance heroes have been here for us when we really needed them.
Help TASC be there for them.

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Donate to TASC and help protect the UK's vital lifesaving ambulance staff

These are difficult times for everyone. The Covid-19 pandemic has moved us into unchartered territory as it permeates all aspects of life. What we do know is that there are increasing pressures on our emergency services at this time; our ambulance staff work at the frontline and coronavirus has a serious impact on them and their work.

TASC offers trusted support and solutions for our ambulance heroes, and we need your help to ensure that our services remain available in this time of unprecedented need.

We want to minimise the lasting legacy of psychological damage, mental health, wellbeing and welfare challenges which this pandemic is inevitably leaving behind.

We have continued to build our support services, raise funds, create partnerships and promote our work to help meet the growing need for our support. Our hard work enabled us to deal with this demand, which saw our number of service users grow by 12% on the previous year.  We are supporting more ambulance staff than ever before and we can only continue to do this with your help.

Any gift you make today will make a difference to the lives of our ambulance heroes.

Donate to TASC and help protect the UK's vital lifesaving ambulance staff

How your support helps TASC make a difference

(Statistics are from April 2019 – March 2020)


How supporting TASC makes a difference to the UK's ambulance community


increase in interventions on the previous year


year on year increase in the number of service users receiving mental health support

Over £40,000

more annualised income awards received by our service users since our Money Advisor joined our team

2 in 5

people accessing our services were experiencing PTSD symptoms

4 in 5

people we support say TASC changed their circumstances

1 in 3

of our volunteers have received Peer Support Training