16 Jan 2018

Family Donate To TASC Following Mother’s “Brilliant” Care

A brother and sister have donated money to TASC, The Ambulance Staff Charity in recognition of the “brilliant” care their mother received from paramedics in her final days.
Mrs Barbara Daw, who lived in Weymouth in Dorset, passed away last November from stomach and bowel cancer.

But her children, Georgina Skipper and Adrian Daw, praised ambulance staff for the care and support they provided to their mother, including finding her a place in a local hospice.
And they decided to thank the paramedics involved by donating their 91-year-old mum’s unused funeral plan, amounting to £678, to TASC.

Georgina, 61, a retired medical secretary, said: “The last few days were absolutely terrible but the paramedics were really helpful whenever we had to call them out. They were utterly brilliant, and even managed to find a hospice for mum to go into after trying a number of places.”

Her brother Adrian, 57, a retired electrical engineer, also expressed appreciation of the paramedics in the last couple of weeks of their mother’s life.
He said: “We first had to call for an ambulance after I found mum on the floor, having crawled out of bed and been unable to get up. I couldn’t get her up because wherever I touched hurt her, so I phoned for help and a paramedic turned up.

“He was brilliant, both with me and my mum, and managed to get her up. But he also gave us a plan of what we needed to do which proved really valuable. Thanks to him we already knew what to do when her pain started to become severe.”

However, a week later Mrs Daw was in so much distress that the paramedics were called twice, with the hospice place in Dorchester being secured during one of the visits. Sadly, she passed away just a day after going into the hospice.

Added Adrian: “They provided such an incredibly valuable service to us, so I thought we could show our appreciation to them by donating her unused funeral plan to The Ambulance Staff Charity.”

Mrs Daw, who was a dental nurse for her late husband, a dental surgeon, had been diagnosed with cancer just a month earlier, at the end of September.

Georgina said: “We used to go out to lunch once or twice a week and she started saying things were upsetting her stomach. She thought she was allergic to various things such as dairy, but she was losing so much weight that I wrote to her GP, who later referred her to hospital.”

She said the money left over in the funeral plan was largely due to her mother’s decision to have a simpler funeral service.