Roll of Honour

We remember those from the Ambulance Staff Community who have lost their lives.

We are proud to host this Roll of Honour to commemorate those who have have been killed or lost their lives whilst in the UK Ambulance Services Community.

Whilst every care has been taken to compile this list, TASC The Ambulance Staff Charity is reliant on the information that is provided to us by employer organisations in the community as well as relatives and friends of those that have passed away. If you would like to tell us about somebody that you know who has lot their lives in the line of duty, please contact us

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The ambulance service the member belonged to
Name Date of death Service
George Sime 1991 Cheshire
Alan Jack Whatmough 1991 London
Robert MacAusland 1991 Scotland
Joseph William Fievez 1991 London
Barrie White 1991 Lancashire
John Perks 1991 London
Robert Corfield 1991 West Midlands
John Quinn Pratt 1991 Scotland
Colin J. Hayers 1991 Wales
Claire Courtnell 1991 Westcountry
Brian Taft 1991 Cornwall
Michael Fox 1991 Scotland
Kevin Neal 1991 West Midlands Ambulance Service
Joseph Donaldson 1991 Scotland
Robert Caldwell Littlejohn 1991 London
Terence James Pembroke 1990 London
David James 1990 Scotland
Russell Long 1990 Buckinghamshire
Christopher Fyfe 1990 Scotland
Hugh Mackie 1990 Hertfordshire
Thomas Kelleher 1990 Southern Ireland
David J. Rees 1990 North Wales
Barry Pitt 1990 Lancashire
Paul David Spooner 1990 London
Douglas Arthur Thacker 1990 London
Michael Pascoe 1990 Cornwall
Douglas Adamson 1990 Scotland
Alexander Gardner 1990 Scotland
Gerald Finney 1990 Staffordshire
Maurice Foster 1990 Lincolnshire
Sydney White 1990 Norfolk
William Carr 1990 Scotland
Robert Fowler 1990 Scotland
Ray Hunt 1989 Berkshire
Michael Hall 1989 Essex
Paul Phillips 1989 Berkshire
Arthur George Bastone 1989 Surrey
John Wilson 1989 Durham
James Lawler 1989 Scotland
Anthony E. Herley 1989 Scotland
Cyril Poultney 1989 Staffordshire
Ian Hutchison 1989 Scotland
Norman Conway 1989 Scotland
John Brannen 1988 Scotland
William Anderson 1988 Scotland
Chris Bignall 1988 Berkshire
Ron Joseph 1988 Berkshire
John O'Brien 1988 Southern Ireland
George Gardner 1988 Scotland
Leslie Bell 1988 Scotland