Roll of Honour

We remember those from the Ambulance Staff Community who have lost their lives.

We are proud to host this Roll of Honour to commemorate those who have have been killed or lost their lives whilst in the UK Ambulance Services Community.

Whilst every care has been taken to compile this list, TASC The Ambulance Staff Charity is reliant on the information that is provided to us by employer organisations in the community as well as relatives and friends of those that have passed away. If you would like to tell us about somebody that you know who has lot their lives in the line of duty, please contact us

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The ambulance service the member belonged to
Name Date of death Service
Simon Bedminster 1996 London
David Keri Grantham 1996 London
Derry Dunn 1996 Westcountry
David Matthew Kiely 1996 London
Ian Roy Tucker 1996 Guernsey
Louie Garth 1996 Suffolk
Julian Theobold 1996 Lincolnshire
Raymond Victor Marley 1996 London
Graham Barley 1996 South Wales
Michael Wells 1996 London
John McCormack 1996 Mersey
John Hemsley 1996 TENYAS
Anthony Riley 1996 Staffordshire
Ray Broomhall 1996 Staffordshire
John Henry White 1996 Cornwall
Bevis Barrett 1995 West Midlands Ambulance Service
Roger Skinner 1995 London
Ken Hammond 1995 Staffordshire
Robert Shepley 1995 North Wales
Keith A Gregory 1995 Humberside
John Scott 1995 Scotland
Ian Carpenter 1995 Kent
Neil Woods 1995 Lancashire
Ron Harris (Bakewell) 1995 Derbyshire
Robert John Briers 1995 London
Alister Barr 1995 Northern Ireland
John F. Bishop 1995 Kent
David Deadman 1995 Sussex
James Fowler-Kelly 1995 Derbyshire
David Nicholas Lewis 1995 London
Vincent A. Maitas 1995 North Wales
Dave Standford 1995 Westcountry
Dave Standford 1995 Westcountry
Robert William Channing 1995 Jersey
Paul Andrews 1995 London
Susan Reeves 1995 Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire
Robert Alexander 1995 Scotland
Williams Ronald Gibbs 1995 London
Michael Reid 1994 Scotland
David Strut 1994 West Midlands Ambulance Service
Mervyn Ford 1994 Humberside
Paul Kelly 1994 Southern Ireland
Allan Hassan 1994 Scotland
Kenneth Wenham 1994 Kent
Robert Winter 1994 Scotland
Shaun McDade 1994 Lancashire
Alan Lee 1994 Surrey
Colin John Brehaut 1994 Guernsey
Thomas Walsh 1994 Southern Ireland
Robert A. Kirkham 1994 North Wales