TASC The Ambulance Staff Charity is governed by a Board of Trustees. Elections and appointments are staggered to allow an intake of new Trustees on a rotation basis. The Board exercises responsibility for the overall strategic direction, governance and management of TASC. The Board delegates responsibility for the day-to-day running of TASC through the Exective Team. Members of the TASC Board of Trustees are listed below:



The UK Patron of TASC is Simon Weston CBE


Vice Presidents:

Simon Fermor

Harry Goulding

Steve Evans

Paul Leopold

Anthony Marsh


Board of Trustees

Interim Chairman             Gordon Enstone



Mik Webb (Treasurer)         Cliff Randall

Paul Fermor                         Sue Noyes

Gerry Brown                       Carl Ledbury

Paul Fermor                         Daniel Squibb



Supported by

Secretary to the Board                                               Tom Mitchell


TASC Staff

Director of Support Services Jean Hayes
Support Services Executive/Administrator               Angie Crashley


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